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Learning Management System Learning Management System Learning Management System Learning Management System

The eLearning Courses Learning Management System (LMS) manages the delivery of self-paced, elearning courses. The LMS lets you publish courses and sell and/or assign courses to learners. Learners log into the LMS using a browser and launch courses. The LMS tracks the learners’ activities with the courses using SCORM 2004 or SCORM 1.2. The LMS provides online reports for each course.

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No Setup with our Cloud Servers

The eLearning Courses LMS delivers self-paced courses from the cloud. With our cloud servers there is no setup or maintenance. Start your free 30 day trial today. Cancel at any time.

Sell Courses Online

Sell courses online with the built-in e-commerce engine. Link the eLearning Courses cloud application to your Stripe account to rapidly deposit the sale of your course into your bank account.

Easy to Use

The LMS provides a simple, uncluttered interface. Making it easy to administer and easy to use for learners. The LMS is 100% browser based with no plug-ins required.

Full SCORM Support

Full support for SCORM 1.2 (RTE-3) and SCORM 2004. Keeps track of bookmarks, scores and results of individual questions. Provides online completion reports.

Free eLearning Authoring Tool

When you sign up for the LMS, you get free access to the eLearning Authoring Tool. Use our free authoring tool or any popular SCORM-based authoring tool to create courses for the LMS.

All Modern Browsers

The LMS works with all modern browsers including Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer 9/10/11.

eLearning Authoring Tool

eLearning Authoring Tool
Video Images Rich Text Audio

The eLearning Authoring Tool is a simple, easy to use tool for creating online courses. Its design allows you to create rich media courses containing text plus images, animations, audio and video created with your favorite media editors. Every course you create will fully conform to the SCORM standard.

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Easy to Use

You simply drag and drop pages to create the structure of your course (the course outline). The page types include information, single-question, quiz, tests and summary. There are built-in editors to make it quick and easy to create the content for each type of page.

Rich Text

A built-in HTML editor that lets you create pages containing rich text. The HTML editor has all of the word processing features you are familiar with including multiple fonts, bold, italics, underline, bullets, numbered lists, colors, tables, paragraph formatting and more.

Rich Media

Use your favorite media editors to create JPEG, GIF and PNG images; SWF Flash animations; FLV, MP3 and WMA audio; and FLV, MPEG and WMV video. Add the rich media to pages in your course.

Quizzes and Tests

A built-in editor lets you create quizzes and tests within your course. Each quiz/test contains one or more pools of questions. You can deliver all or some of the questions in each pool.

Deliver Courses Online

Your eLearning Authoring Tool subscription gives you free access to to our eLearning Courses cloud service. Deliver your courses to up to 15 people for free every month. Pay as little as $1 per person per course for additional users.

SCORM Developer Tools

SCORM Toolkit

The SCORM Developer's Toolkit is designed for e-learning course developers who want to create SCORM-based courses using with HTML/JavaScript. You will find the toolkit very easy to use if you are a webdeveloper who can use JavaScript to create interactive web pages. The toolkit will let you add the SCORM functionality to your course quickly and with little fuss.

The toolkit is designed to save you time. The toolkit contains well documented and tested JavaScript functions that correctly implement SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 communications with the LMS. The same toolkit functions can be used for both SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 communications! Read the documentation to learn more.


SCORM Visualizer

Software to analyze SCORM 1.2 Communications. Quickly identify communication problems between a course and a LMS. SCORM Visualizer provides a SCORM 1.2 Runtime service for your course so you can see how the course will work when launched by an LMS. SCORM Visualizer will let you prove to yourself and your customers that your course is using the SCORM 1.2 API correctly. SCORM Visualizer helps you test and debug your course. With SCORM Visualizer, you can:

  • Launch your course in multiple sessions
  • Restart your course with specific data items set
  • See the result of every function call
  • Modify SCORM data items as you run your course


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